Hanoi’s old quarter

Hanoi’s Old quarter

Location: The ancient quarter is located on an area of about
100ha, within the territory of Hoan Kiem lake District, Hanoi city.

Characteristic: Geometrically, the ancient quarter has a
shape of triangle, whose peak is constituted by Hang Than street, eastern side
by damp, western side by the streets of Hang Cot, Hang Dieu, Hang Da and base
by the axis of Hang Bong, Hang Gai, Cau Go streets.

In the thirteenth century, guilds established themselves in
what is now called “ the old quarter”.

Each guild set up in a different street, ‘hang’ in
Vietnamese means ‘merchandise’ and the street was named after the particular
merchandise sold. Some street still sell the original merchandise. It is a
fascinating area to explore, one never tires of discovering some new corner or
trade. The ‘tube’ houses in this area are narrow buildings which extend back a
long way. Peer down the alley ways between them to get a glimpse of how deep
the buildings are, or visit one of the shops on Hang Gai.

According to the assessment of some historian, the ancient
quarter made is appearance immediately after the Thang Long’s establishment
i.e, nearly a thousand year ago. Most of houses presently existing within the
ancient quarter’s borders have, however, their age of only more than 100 years.
In this quarter, those houses that keep an air of anxiety are no longer so
numerous. It is just the phenomena of extension that has sharply and negatively
deformed its spatial appearance. Under such circumstance, the embellishment and
preservation of this quarter has required great efforts.

1 số nét đáng chú ý:

– các ngôi nhà trong khu vực
phố cổ Hà Nội  thường có dạng hình ống (mặt
tiền hẹp,chiều dài lớn) vì theo cách tính thuế thời bấy giờ nhà nào có mặt tiền
càng rộng thì càng phải đóng thuế cao.

– Theo quy định của triều
đình, các ngôi nhà trong phố không được cao quá đầu kiệu quankhi có người
khiêng, chính vì vậy, nhà ở đay thường thấp san sát nhau.

– Do điều luật “Dân không được
thấy mătj vua” nên khi kiệu vua đi qua, các gia đình phải đóng hết cửa trong
nhà. Khi xây nhà, họ cũng chỉ được trổ 1 cửa sổ nhỏ để nhìn ra đường.


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