Kieu lady temple and white horse temple

Kieu Lady

temple was named “Thien Tien Dien” (Place of Faries), built in the same time of
Le Trung Hung to worship 3 goddesses: Princess Lieu Hanh, the second royal
daughter Quynh Hoa and the third royal daughter Que Huong. In early years of
the century, it is divided  into two part
due to the bank of Hoan
Kiem Lake
and the main architecture locates parallel, cross by Dinh Tien Hoang Street. The temple
architecture comprise a three-room house(Dai Bai), a two-floor four-roof house
( Phuong Dinh) and three rear rooms planned creating powerfulness and

objects of Kieu lady Temple are various, prosperous comprising stone stele,
copper bell, sytem of 27 titles of god promotion of dynastic times of Le, Tay
Son, and Range of stone pillarsand two great Banyan trees give the temple and
unique and ancient beauty of Vietnamese architecture.

White horse

temple is located at 76 Hang Buom
Street, Hoan Kiem district, in an area of Old

Ma temple was built to worship Long Do God-being considered as the tutelary of
Thnag Long citadel. It is legendary said that when King Ly Thai To transferred
the capital from Hoa Lu to Thang Long (1010), he built the citadel many times
but it all fell down. Then, after praying at Long Do Temple, a white horse cam
out from the temple, The King designed the citadel following the traces of the
white horse so the citadel was built successfully. The Genie was conferred
tutelary genie of Thang Long citadel by King Ly Thai To.

many time of reparation, restoration, the existing architecture of the Temple is style of the
XIX century. It is beautiful and imposing, consisting of three door gates
“Phuong dinh”, “Dai Bai” (main building), “Thiu huong” (burner), forbidden room
and council room in the rear. Bach Ma temple is an unique architecture
construction in the Nguyen dynastic time, standing out in relief in region of Hanoi and Tonkin.

are 15 steles presenting the facts of the temple, the God and worship rites and
process of restoration. There is an unique and valuable handwriting of general
Tran Quang Khai:

times of fire, the temple has not burnt

a hurricane storm, it has not been fallen down”.

Ma temple in the east of citadel is one of “four exorcism” of Thang Long – Hanoi


Hình ảnh lưỡng
long chầu nguyệt trên cửa vào Phương Đình

Kiến trúc chung của
đền thờ Việt Nam

 Cầu Đông

at 38 Hang Duong street
Hang Dao ward, belonging to Old quarter of Hanoi, it was named “Dong Kieu Tu”. The name
is in connection with the well know bridge across To river in eastern Thang
Long citadel.

 Cau Dong (Dong bridge) pagoda was built in
early Le dynasty (the XV century). In the sixth year of Vinh To period(1624),
it was repaired and enlarged. It was restored in 1693,1712 and 1817.

ancient architecture was preserved. The three-door gate was built a high
pavilion of bell. The main building is in the shape of “Dinh” letter.
Decorations as tiger, dragon with cloud, flowers… are models of the 18th

There are 60 ancient statues, most remarkable ones are Tuyet Son, Di Lac
and Tam the set. Stele dated the sixth years of Vinh To period(1712) and the
fifteenth year of Gia long period (1817) and bonze bell cast I Tay Sn
period(1800) are valuable material things


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