The house at 38 Hang Dao street

The house at 38 Hang Dao street was formerly Dong Lac communal house( brassiere selling maket). The communal house was built in the Le dynastic time (the XVII century) in large scale. It was destroy by the war. About 1856,(Binh Thin lular year of Tu Duc Period), the communal house was rebuilt in scale of two floors. The ground floor was used for residence, the altar was removed to the second floor. There were grounds with plants in front of and behind the house. A 150 years old stone stele( very rare in Hanoi communal house) and some decoration are presersing here.
The house was built in about the end of the XIX century in structure of traditional house, there is a small yard between buildings to have wind and light, the ground floor ( facing street ) used for store, the inner used for living and production, the inmost is kitchen and toilet. In the second floor, the front side room for bedroom. Old architectural decorationas of Hanoi are retained here.
The house was restored in 1999 and finished in Oct 1999. It will be the house for iintroduction old architecture of Hanoi and suggesting people living in old quarter how to repair and maintain thier houses.

1 so net dang chu y:
Ngoi nah gioi thieu mot so mat hang thu cong truyen thong nhu may tre dan, tranh Dong Ho ( Gioi thieu qua ve lang tranh Dong Ho )
O tang 1 ngoi nah luon co 1 ong do cho chu va tranh ( Gioi thieu ve ong do o Viet Nam )


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